S!MS Inventory

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SIMS inventory helps you manage your organization wide stores & inventory seamlessly, easily & intelligently all over your simple clicks on your Mobile or laptop.


S!MS Inventory covers the complete material management tracking. It records from when the material is received in the stores, from wherever the material is recieved, who received it and when to who used it, when, where and for what. It sets the complete accountability for your material and track its complete status from precurement till consumptions or even billing.

Process Flow

SIMS Process for Precurement Module

  1. Can help you estblish a Central Purchasing Process.
  2. Can setup Multi-level Approval Process
  3. Busy Bosses can Approve Request on their Mobile itself.
  4. Our Mobile App enables you track the status of purchasing, materials on your go.
  5. Any extra material receiving entered is extra paid.
    Track all the receivings from Vendors based on PO only.
  6. Our vendor bill system allows you to restric any double payment for any receiving.
  7. Track all you Cash Purchases. Auto Linked Cash Purchases to Cash Impress Management.
  8. Estimate Material Requirement & take purchasing actions before last time.
Features Advantages
Issue / Return of material Manage the status of your store inventory items and keep track of items which are issued but not returned.
Stock Status Update Periodically update the status of available items like status of bricks, aggregate to update the consumption of such items.
Consumption Management Keep track of what items are consumed and at what time.
Stock Transfer Keep track of stock transfer (item wise) moved from one store to other store.
Stock Dashboard Track the stock status the way you need to track and manage.
Stock Alerts Get sms/mail alert for non-availability of the stock
Material Reconciliations Manage stock reconciliations periodically by tracking record of (Received, Issued, Available, Work in progress and Consumption items)
Stock Audit Manage stock audit periodically (Quarterly, Half yearly, Yearly)
Work activity update Track work activity report for items (how much items are consumed in different work activities)
Individual Stock Ledgers Track all stock ledgers for different vendors, subcontractors, project managers for issued/return items
Scrap Management Track all scrap updates after consumption of stock & Estimation of Scrap
Mobile Integration for Stock Status Get all required stock updates status/alerts on mobile
Activity Wise Tracking Track how much material has been issued/consumed for various locations / Activities.

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